11 May, 2010

What's going on?

Here is a short tutorial on how to create this epic scene as seen in [RSMV] Crushcrushfaint. To do this, I have specified two downloadable files below. Treesforeground.png, and Treesbackground.png. You will also need a editing software presumably Sony Vegas - either version will work fine! (:
First off, add the two images on separate layers. Treesforeground.png being on top, and Treesbackground.png being on the bottom

Secondly, click Pan/Crop on both and right click the display. Click Match output ratio. Repeat for the other layer.

Thirdly, on the 1st layer, drag the pan/crop region to the furthest left (but still visible of the image), put a keyframe on the last frame of the image, and drag the pan/crop region to the furthest right. Right click both keyframes and select "Smooth"

Repeat for the other layer, but vice versa.

Lastly, add any atmosphere effects such as smoke, wisps, and add a Object or a Person such as your Runescape Character in it. Refer to my video for more examples of how to take advantage of these images and get the most out of them!


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