15 June, 2010

How to get there
Money details(:


150K TOKUL AN HOUR!(maxed with extremes and chaotic weapons(

TZHAAR! No don't leave, JaGex improved these guys since the last time you went here. No I'm not asking you to get 2.8m tokul for onyx, but you can if you want, it'll only take 30 HOURS!

Oh you might say thats only 10m well its not last time i checked on the street onyx's were 35m! Jagex came out with personal shops and now we can benefit off it by the skyrocketing price of them since they are so hard to get.

Yeah I'm not even kidding, if you used extremes, turmoil, and the dungeoneering weapons, you could probably get it in 15 - 20 hours, maybe short!

Please continue reading this is a great money maker, and in my opinion better then cannoning green drags.


Of course most of these can be switched out with other stuff, except the whip. I don't recommend any other weapon here besides the whip. Two handers will just leave you vulnerable to the tzhaar attacks and the whip has way better damage per second.


70 Attack, 70 strength, 70 defense are a must. If you don't have these go cannon green drags they are awesome cash too (:

Ranging these guys is a possibility, if you have some tank gear and high defense. Looking for a safe spot and ranging them is just stupid and will waste time.

How to get there

Word by word directions

1. Teleport to Karamja with an amulet of glory
2. Walk southwest from Musa Point and climb down the rope into the dungeon. 3. Go directly east into the cave and go into one of the places i have marked on the map bellow


Super sets are a must, spec weapon is optional and so is a familiar a like using a spirit kyat, but you can use whatever you want. There is an oblisk in here so don't worry about summoning potions.

Money details (:

You make at least 20 - 60k a load, thats a picture of one load i just did. I can do about 2 - 3 loads an hour so its about 40 - 180k extra cash not including tokul.

I can make 30 - 40k tokul a load, which is about 60 - 120k tokul an hour!

2,800,000(If you don't have karamja gloves 3)/60k tokul = 45 hours and over 666k an hour, not inlcuding other drops.

So at the most you could be make 1.5m an hour, but at the least you can make 700k an hour (:

The option I usually do is buy obby shields for 65k tokul because i don't hav the patients for onyx's (:
it's about 300k less per hour

I hope you liked my guide, please leave me comments and suggestions!
500 - 800k an hour!

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