05 May, 2010

Get a Awesome Cool Free Toolbar for Your Website

In the past, I have seen many different toolbars for website. Ones that allowed chat, ones that allowed search engines, ones that allowed useless gadgets to your site that noone ever uses and just lags your computer up. Recently, I have found a perfect solution. I first thought "not another one of these stupid toolbars", but after experiencing a few websites which use this to their advantage, I have decided to give it a shot. The toolbar I am talking about, is wibiya.

  1. Enter Wibiya.com 
  2. You should see a basic overview of the toolbar in the Homepage of the site. Click the obvious green button.
  3. You will be required to enter your not-so-personal-but-tellable details.
  4. This is where the awesome part begins. There are numerous themes to choose from and to apply on your toolbar. The one on this website is the first plain white one, which I believe give a strong contrast on the dark tone on the website. If that does not suit you best, there are still tons to pick :) You could even upload your own logo!
  5. Next, you will be able to choose from a set of default built-in starter-pack applications. I would suggest playing around with these and their settings, and removing those which do not want. However, besides these few applications, there is a heckload more in the more applications section which you will later be able to choose from. Ranging from games, to watching videos, the possibilities are endless *I know I just mentioned two but nvm*
  6. When you're all done with your customizing and tweaking - you can install the awesome toolbar simply by clicking the blogging/website platform you use, and the magic will work itself! However, if your website is not one of the compatible ones listed, you could easily copy and paste and HTML code to your website - no magic for you well that's ~too bad :(
  7. Enjoy your awesome toolbar. And, whenever you wish to change or modify your toolbar, simply login to the website and fix it, then click update. NO NEED TO RE-COPY AND PASTE THE HTML! How flipping awesome is that?
In conclusion, I believe that this toolbar although is simple but very effective, with tons of potential. I can't wait to see what Wibiya an co are gonna do with this awesome toolbar. Kudos to you guys!

Special Thanks to: Wibiya, Lemongraphic, and Margie for helping me test this thing :D

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