06 May, 2010

Fast and Best Routes for Penguin Hide-And-Seek in Runescape

Here are the best teleport locations to reach the penguins. The secret is to follow these five rules:
1. When hunting penguins in Relleka, Lighthouse, Miscellania, Jatiszo, or Neitiznot, Get them all one by one, as they are within the same area.
2. Always remember to bring Jewelry that teleport. Including Ring of dueling, Games Necklace (you just lost the game), combat bracelet, amulets, etc.
3. If you have a spirit terrorbird, energy potion, or Explorer's ring, be sure to bring it.
4. Get the Barrows, Canifis, and Mos le harmless penguins one by one
5. Always leave the penguins where it is difficult (Wilderness penguins), at last.

Mcgrubbors - Teleport: Camelot - Walk West and enter through the broken barriers.
Lighthouse - Teleport: POH Relleka/Games Necklace (Barbarian Assault)
Miscellania - Teleport: POH Relleka/Games Necklace (Barbarian Assault)
Jatiszo - Teleport: POH Relleka/Games Necklace (Barbarian Assault)
Neitiznot - Teleport: POH Relleka/Games Necklace (Barbarian Assault)
Relleka - Teleport: POH Relleka/Games Necklace (Barbarian Assault)
Al Kharid - Teleport: Broomstick/Ring of Dueling
Nardah - Teleport: Broomstick/Ring of Dueling - Travel Carpet Ride (Shantay, Pollivinech, Nardah)*Ring of Charos*
Pollivinech - Teleport: Broomstick/Ring of Dueling - Travel Carpet Ride (Shantay, Pollivinech) *Ring of Charos*
Brimhaven - Teleport: Ardounge - Walk Southeast and Travel-Boat from the Pier *Ring of Charos*
White Wolf Mountain - Teleport: POH Taverly/Goblin Village Sphere/Falador
Daemonheim - Teleport: Ring of Dungeoneering
Dark Warrior's Fortress - Teleport: Clan Wars/Fist of Guthix/Edgeville
Elf Land - Teleport: Teleport Crystal/Charter Boat to Port Tyras/Walk from Ardounge
Lunar - Teleport: Lunar Teleport
Varrock Sawmill: Teleport: Varrock - Walk east through gate, Walk north.

Please let me know if I missed any locations, I will be happy to update! :D
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  1. Hey man. It's Colucci here. Great blog, it's very nicely done. Loved that screenshot. What exactly are those little squares all around? You easily are becoming one of my favorite editors :)