06 May, 2010

Introducing PFN - PlasticFunnel Network iPhone Application

Hey guys, what's going on?

Check out my new Unofficial Application which is still in development, many thanks to Kri.lx for creating and developing it. Here are just a few screenshots of the application, which will soon be out around Summer 2010. The application includes many cool gadgets and browsers, and sneak peeks to my latest developments, etc. 

I am confident, it will be worth the wait.

This is the startup loading page, which displays in like a millisecond due to the fast speed of the application.

This is one of the many tabs in the application. We are also going to add a tab for the Blogger RSS feed due to its new release, and many other functions.
After the release of the application we are still going to update it with new gadgets and cool shiz - and its FREE

Enjoy (:
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  1. Nice job, I'm learning xcode right now. I have a couple ideas for apps, if you have skype, aim, or msn pm me if you want to help.

  2. @Epihonic, My Skype is: Plasticfunnel.

    I'm glad you check my blog daily and wish to help :P It'd be nice working with you

  3. WOW. an iPhone app that duplicate features from prominent apps! and you also added a feature that lets us watch all 15 of your videos! And a twitter client which only lets us read tweets that link back to youtube or this blog! wow what an app!

  4. @Annoymous. It is more difficult creating an app than you think. There is coding involve, learning new coding languages (at least three), testing, getting the correct size and dimensions, animation smoothness i.e. physics equations, and payment to the Apple Developers Program.

    Why don't you try creating an application fucking dumbass. get a life

  5. @cydiaboss01. cool story bro. defending a RSMV maker who didn't even make the app himself
    this is hilarious

  6. To tht anonymous fagMay 8, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    @Anonymous. are u outa ya mind? not all apps are open source project, which means u can't just duplicate codes and features from others. And wat else could kri.lx put in there, an embedded runescape game? How bout u stfu, and make an app for someone or urself see how it goes u dumbass. Think before you comment... Maybe some other things u could think of to support ur bs will do

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