06 May, 2010

How to Hunt Penguins Hide-and-Seek : Tips and Tricks - FAST

What's going on?

Penguins Hide-and-Seek have been a very popular Distraction and Diversion, due to the generous exp it gives, as compared to the tears of guthix. Here I'll suggest the fastest ways and tips and tricks to get all your penguins within 30 minutes, and learn some tricks where you might not know about :D

If you are experienced already, skip the nitty gritty and go to the bottom to find the BEST ROUTES and SHORTCUTS!

1. Go to World 60, and join World60pengs, they are a team of experienced trappers and they technically dominate the whole world 60. They do all the hard work for you, and you just do the clicking. Basically, they trap and locate all the penguins in fixed locations, so that spyers could just click and earn the exp.

2. Get a good inventory of ALL teleports you have, and optionally lightweight armor.

3. Keep a list of ALL the current Penguin's locations. I take down three of them, and go for one of them, for instance, a penguin in Canifis. When searching for the Canifis Penguin, I take note of the remaining penguin locations and KEEP THEM UPDATED throughout my exploring. Remember, time is your friend, not you enemy, use it to your advantage. Also, remember to check off the ones you spied on - and when you are not sure if your List is complete, count them up to 11 (one being the polar bear).

4. If your house has a AMULET OF GLORY or a TELEPORT PORTAL, or any source of teleport. Bring Runes to it, and use it frequently. And also, Al Kharid is NOT Karamja - I get em two mixed up haha. 

5. When hunting penguins, do not step over the "Trappers", or the penguin will run free and mate with other pengs and the pengs will dominate the world. Since you have The List of the 10 penguins (or at least 6) already, once you spy on the penguin you can immediately teleport to the closest route to your next location. Checking off the one you got on your List. For the best routes, check below.

6. For any penguins/bears in Relleka, Lighthouse, Misc, Jatiszo, or Neitiznot, take them all at once and swoop them up. The best route is to get all of them in any order. Having a POH in Relleka would also help greatly.

7. Always have at least 69% of run energy, when it drops below, use your explorer's ring and run-replenish, if you do not, be ready to look for a musician (hopefully the Jonas Brothers) to listen to their music and rest. 

8. One of the easiest ways of hunting penguins is, to start of explore on your own -> Find a blue dot and follow - > The blue dot will lead you to a clustercrap of other blue dots -> It's probably obvious that the penguin is there.

9. One cool trick when hunting penguins, is to use the Quick Chat, to find how many penguins you have actually found. I use this occasionally when I am confident that I have done 7-8 penguins, and check how many are remaining. As I explained above, you should probably have a list of the 10 penguins already, and you will be sure which penguin is next on your list.

10. When you are done doing your business, Jagex will kindly show you that you did.

When you see this message, teleport to Ardougne and walk to the Zoo. Speak to the BipolarBear and he'll give you some sweet rewards. I personally always pick experience, as the polar bear is poor and doesn't offer a generous amount of moolah.

That's it for the Penguins. HERE I have a list of the best routes for each penguin.and tips on picking the route.

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