08 May, 2010

Funnelize your iPhone! Funnel Battery Theme available on Cydia!

Hey guys, What's going on?!
What you are currently witnessing, is the awesome FunnelCharge Battery.

This Battery replaces the old Apple default icon, with a glossy, Funnel which changes depending on the battery life you have.

For instance, if you have a full battery 100%, it will look similar to the image on the left.

If you happen to have a neutral battery of 50-60% the battery will be yellow, and be half way through.

If you happen to have a low battery of 10%, the battery will be red and nearly none.

If you happen to have 0%, you iPhone/iPod Screen will have a beautiful blank screen where when you click any buttons it will not operate.

This theme also comes with smooth transitions between battery power, and a nice set of SLIDERS for Power Off, Slide to Unlock, and Receive Call! FREE of charge!

Download this application by searching for "FunnelCharge Theme" in Cydia!

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