08 May, 2010

Emote-Syncing Guide for ACTORS - Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, what's going on?
As many of you know, Emote syncing plays a major element in video-making to show collaboration, teamwork, and has a more powerful influence compared to having one actor. For me, emote syncing is a must-have mainly due to the fact that I consider video-making to be a job done with friends rather than myself. 

Alot of people find it friggen hard to sync emotes as I have noticed, probably due to the fact that haven't lost their emote-syncing-virginity yet. This guide will show you tips and tricks and some secrets behind emote-syncing!
One-time Emote Syncing

In the example below, I am the actor, and Sparkiplasma (right) is the director/editor.

Normally, the director will announce what emote to do, and when. I personally use the "After dance method", however, dance could be replaced by counting to 1,2,3, saying now in clan chat, or walking onto one step. Both have its sufficient advantages and disadvantages. For instance, saying 1,2,3, will not allow the person to type the lyrics fast enough. Saying now in clanchat would be good when using Orb of Oculus as you may not use the other methods. And after dance would have a mental countdown to the actors of when to click the emote.

As an actor, make sure your mouse is hovered around your desired emote when the director is dancing. Click exactly when the director STOPS dancing.

Success! Note that the director (being the noob himself) may forget to tell you to do the emote syncing continuously. Note that most if not all emote syncing with guitars will require you to do more than one scene, so even if the director doesn't tell you, be a smartass and keep clicking the button!

Continuos Emote Syncing
Continuous Emote Syncing may be required if the group is the doing one particular emote rather than having different emotes each. This consumes a lot less time compared to the above method, as the noobs that don't get it right the first time can join in. There is also a secret method that 90% works which I explain below.

All emote syncing starts with the director announcing what to do, and when to do it. If he/she does not, do the emote you did before. Never ask the director what to do if you didn't hear it - firstly he will think you're a friggen noob, second of all he/she may have typed the lyrics already on standby and can't talk to you on public chat. You can ask another actor present instead.

On first try, especially with a big group of people, you may not get it. But the secret is to join in to the majority of the other syncers. THE BIG SECRET IS TO CLICK ON THE EMOTE ONE SECOND BEFORE THE EMOTE ENDS! That means, when you see the Freeze Emote Breaking down (1 second before the actual Freeze Emote Ends), you click the Freeze emote, and you will find yourself being in sync. This works for most emotes, an exception being the recite prayer, turkey emote, and skillcape emotes, which have a certain delay.

Don't ever be the last person that does not get the emote, as you can see, you will get bullied and laughed at (even by a mod).

By following the secret above, you should get your Emote sync in 5 times (for 5 people) - x*people = x*times where x is the variable. If you don't the director would mostly dance again and start again.

So there you go, the ultimate secret to emote syncing is to click one second before the emote ends. The more you join and help other people, the better you will become at emote syncing, naturally. As I have said, Emote syncing requires alot of patience. For me, One emote syncing scene with three people will take around 30 seconds in preparing their locations, finding a good camera angle, and actually syncing the emote. 

If you are like me, a video-maker, check my guide on emote-syncing for VIDEO MAKERS.

Hope I helped, feel free to comment!

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