08 May, 2010

RSMV Tutorial - Emote Syncing and Formations.

Hey guys, what's going on?
There are numerous emote syncing formations which people use, to stand out from the crowd, creating one creative is essential for the video to look catchy and interesting. These include picking out elements and aspects of Layers - who stands in front, who rests/sits, etc - Symmetry and Alignment. All of these are as important as one another.

I will explain formations from worst to best. Here.

The worst formation. Facing random sides shows a lack of conformity and therefore not showing collaboration, having the people far apart would also cause the focal point to be disoriented, such as, the viewer would not know where to look at. There is also no line of symmetry as a result the formation just looks plainly random. Unless the camera angle you are viewing it makes it look awesome (along with the slopes and hills of Runecsape), a random formation should never be used.

A good formation includes one that has a line of symmetry. And everyone faces a similar direction to show conformity. For instance, this image above looks like a group of people preparing to march like soldiers. They are also of a relative distance from the emphasis and the focal point (i.e. you/person saying the lyrics). They shall also be facing similar directions if not identical, to the person in the centre.

A better formation would be one that looks abstract but also reasonable in the context of the song/lyrics. For instance, the image above shows symmetry, while at the same time having strong levels - those sitting down are of less emphasis than the three standing up. The focal point is also facing directly to the camera as if speaking to the viewers. Varied facing towards the emphasis also emphasizes on the focal point and makes him/her more special. Although normally you would not have people sitting down, though shorter emotes such as burying a bone could be replaced in those spots, and higher emotes such as agility could be done in those standing up.

Hope I helped. If you have any questions please comment below! (:

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  1. lol i like it =) its a great guide .