08 May, 2010

Emote-Syncing Guide for VIDEO MAKERS - Instructions. Timing. Picking Actors.

Hey guys, what's going on.
Emote syncing takes a lot of time and patience. I as a videomaker do it because I feel it is fun to collaborate with my viewers and friends. It is an activity that is fun to participate in, but frustrating when you do not get your desired result. If you wish to sync emotes, it may take a long time to gather the people you need, and to find location, to tell the actors where to stand, and to actually sync the emote. But it's worth the time because in the end it is fun and interesting :D
One-Time Emote Sync

In the example below, the person on the left plays as the actor, and the person on the right plays as the director/videomaker.

As a videomaker, you will announce what emote to do, and when. I personally use the "After dance method", however, dance could be replaced by counting to 1,2,3, saying now in clan chat, or walking onto one step. Both have its sufficient advantages and disadvantages. For instance, saying 1,2,3, will not allow the person to type the lyrics fast enough. Saying now in clanchat would be good when using Orb of Oculus as you may not use the other methods. And after dance would have a mental countdown to the actors of when to click the emote.

If you are lucky, it may take only one try for this to work. Although the more people in the group, it may take longer to have an emote syncing. Which is why most of the times, emote syncing with a group should be done with the Continously Emote Syncing Method.

Continously Emote Syncing
Continuous Emote Syncing may be required if the group is the doing one particular emote rather than having different emotes each. This consumes a lot less time compared to the above method, as the noobs that don't get it right the first time can join in. There is also a secret method that 90% works which I explain below.
Always announce the Emote and when to do the emote clearly to the actors. Remember to remind them to do the emote continuously if they succeed at the first trial.
Normally, it will not work on the first try especially with a lot of people. Do be patient however, as the noobs which do not get it the first time could easily join in using the SECRET method explained here.

By following the secret above, you should get your Emote sync in 5 times (for 5 people) - x*people = x*times where x is the variable. If you don't the director would mostly dance again and start again.

So there you go, the ultimate secret to emote syncing is to click one second before the emote ends.
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